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Huggle reviewOf about three areas of liability, which is the most old-fashioned and extensive?

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Of about three areas of liability, which is the most old-fashioned and extensive?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The fresh new delegation to and oversight regarding things because of the businesses-regulators, profit-dependent enterprises, and you may nonprofits-is called an effective. federalism. b. personal sector contacts. c. bureaucratic responsibility. d. administration of the proxy.

19. Governmental scientist John Gaus concurred having Woodrow Wilson one to breaking up politics out-of administration would-be carried out by enacting laws you to provided chose authorities manage to compliment rules one administrators do only would. an effective. Real b. Untrue

20. Policymakers don’t really worth a free chain from order in the place of a great deal more head control over the subordinates. an effective. Genuine b. False

21. Citizens and you may picked authorities consult a diminished amount of ethics than simply one to questioned on individual business having political designated social directors. a. Correct b. Not the case

twenty two. Once the other authorities businesses features varied societies it is sometimes complicated so you’re able to take care of a standard set of elite group norms you to govern management conclusion. an excellent. Real b. Not true

step one. The pursuing the is actually types of various procedure that identify public groups out of private teams But good. methods away from performance. b. social scrutiny. C policy development. d. marketing.

step three. The absolute most fundamental difference in public and personal organizations, over oversight and performance dimensions try a. personal analysis. c. long-label staff. d. emphasis on good for people.

cuatro. _________ high light security huggle, show, and you will controlling by the persuasion. a great. Nonprofits b. Personal teams C Societal communities d. Brief agencies

5. Public management involves A policy development and you can rules performance. b. coverage creation, although not policy delivery. c. rules performance, not plan development. d. neither policy creation neither plan delivery.

6. One of the core activities out of public management is the invariably blurred range anywhere between a good. personal and personal groups. b. federal rather than all over the world authorities. c. fuel and you will inefficiency. D politics and you may government.

seven. The prospective to own management responsibility is to try to maximize ______ control also to shed _______ regulation. a good. discretionary; interior b. external; inner c. internal; discretionary D internal; outside

Woodrow Wilson’s look at ________ has generated a lasting scholarly discussion

8. Each one of the adopting the teaches you increased administrative action during the rules development But a beneficial. new certified proficiency regarding company professionals. b. the elevated technicality from societal coverage. C. the new reduced part off legislative engagement. d. the growth regarding master executive’s part while the coverage plan setter.

nine. Rather than the private markets, the public sector is actually responsible to each of the adopting the Except Good around the world teams. b. legislators. c. process of law. d. individuals.

10. All the pursuing the makes societal organizations not the same as individual communities But an excellent. field services. b. coverage. C overall performance procedures. d. personal scrutiny.

eleven. an excellent. organizational principle b. the difference between personal and personal management c. plan delivery and policy creation D this new neutrality out-of public administration

12. Americans started initially to request significantly more out of government An as The second world war. b. once the Industry Battle We. c. since the time of Woodrow Wilson. d. as time of the Federalist Papers.

B signal of laws

thirteen. Regardless of if chose authorities approve, direct and gives resources for the coverage, ______ trusted so you’re able to administrators is what converts the brand new intention of your legislation towards the reality. a. supervision B plan delivery c. nonprofit management d. societal scrutiny

14. And this of your following is considered also ineffective to do much of far from meanwhile thus strong one to choices can be produced arbitrarily as opposed to owed process? a. around the world teams b. personal teams C bureaucracy d. societal charities

15. Government’s character when you look at the people is really pervasive that it was called “this new administrative county” by the ______ for the 1948. a. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Frank J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo

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